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Michel Legrand at Carnegie Hall

One of my earlier performances with composer Michel Legrand...

When I first started performing with Michel I couldn't believe it! I was touring and performing with the Grammy and Oscar winning composer who wrote songs that I was already madly in love with before I started singing with him! As you can imagine when I got the word that one of our tour stops was going to be at the iconic Carnegie Hall in New York City I was excited beyond words!!!

I remember the day of rehearsal I arrived at Carnegie Hall and I walked on stage it was mind blowing! The stage and seats were empty and I was standing there looking around and thinking of the incredible musicians that had performed there. Just imagining the notes that had filled the every corner of the hall was truly humbling.

Michel performed with a cast of giants in jazz- alto saxophonist Phil Woods, drummer Grady Tate, bassist Bob Daugherty, guitarist Joe Beck and on trumpet and flugel horn Marvin Stamm. It was a powerful show with selections of Legrand’s most important songs and compositions including his Academy Award winning "The Windmills Of Your Mind". I sang two duets with Michel, we closed the first half of the show with "Pieces Of Dreams" and the second half which was the finale and the show stopper of the concert, a dramatic 15 minute duet from Legrand's well known jazz opera movie "The Umbrella's Of Cherbourg" which resulted in standing ovations.

I was flying high after that performance and as if it couldn’t get any better I went backstage after the show and standing there was the great Lena Horne. She was in a full length black velvet cape looking absolutely gorgeous! I was stunned and in awe and then suddenly, to my disbelief, she came up to me and went on to compliment me with such heartfelt words that I can still remember today. It was all very amazing, a spectacular evening and one I’ll remember forever!!

Thanks again Michel for one the greatest times of my life!

The original program from the concert.

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