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Last night at Katerina's

A past performance that will stay in my heart always...

I had already performed my last show there a couple weeks earlier but we all gathered one more time on the last night before she closed her doors to say goodbye to the coolest most unique restaurant/club "Katerina's" in Chicago. Legendary blues jazz pianist Erwin Helfer, who was also like many of us a regular at Katerina's, performed with his band that night.

Many were asked to speak their heartfelt words to the "Lady" Katerina and sit in and share their music one last time. It wasn't planned, but at the end of the night I was asked by Erwin if I would sing something for Katerina and of course I did. I looked at Erwin and out of nowhere asked him to jam and play some soulful blues chords and then without thinking I started to ad-lib, create, write and sing a blues song spontaneously about Katerina's on the spot. It just poured out of me and seemed to have a magic all it's own. No one expected it, including me, in fact it blew myself, Katerina and the audience away. Too bad no one recorded it but I guess we all got caught up in the moment and didn't think about it.

I know you've read many of my other posts about this wonderful special place, it's hard to describe and put into words, you really had to be there. There will never be another Katerina's, I'm so glad to have been a part it!

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