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The Legendary Jazz Showcase

I have had the pleasure of performing nine times at the legendary Jazz Showcase and the tenth will be my CD release show coming up on January 24th. More on that coming soon!

I am very proud to think that I have had the honor of performing under a name that has hosted the giants in music from all over the world, for over 70 years. I've enjoyed performing the music I love and expressing my passion for it along with the incredibly talented musicians that have been apart of it. Every show is a new experience to explore where my heart and soul leads me, every time a place to draw from and create new songs for the first time.

I guess you could say the Jazz Showcase has been an important part of my musical growth and journey of which I'm very grateful for the opportunity.

This wonderful photo taken by Stan Lee , at one of my shows at the Showcase still makes me giggle every time I look at it. As you can see the different mind sets with everyone in this picture. Hmmm what are the stories here?

I wonder what bassist Jim Cox is looking and smiling at? Pianist Jeremy Kahn, with his eyes closed seems to be enjoying a little siesta, or not? Drummer Bob Rummage and I smiling after a great show and thinking, what's going on with these dudes? Saxophonist/flutist Jim Gailloreto looking out probably trying to figure out what Jim Cox is looking at? What were they looking at??? I'll let you know if I ever find out the answers to these mind boggling!

After the show... Jim Cox, Laury, Jeremy Kahn, Bob Rummage & Jim Gailloreto.

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