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Missing Bill Scott

Today I remember a special man, musician and singer, my brother in law Bill Scott.

Bill was a wonderful singer and bassist, very well known and loved here in Chicago and one of the best people I knew.. He sang on many commercials back in the day and also was a regular performer on CBS radio. He had his own orchestra that he led for private High Society events and also his best friend was pianist/composer Bill Evans's, who I was fortunate enough to know and hang with thanks to my brother-in-law Bill.

Bill was Bill Evans's favorite singer, they first met when they were in the army together and became best friends. While in the army they played together in a trio which consisted of my brother-in-law Bill playing bass and singing, Bob Madsen on guitar and Bill Evans on piano.

Besides having a great sense of humor, what I remember and loved most about my brother-in-law was how passionate he was about music and how he always took the time to share it with me. He would say "Laury, I have something great for you to hear" anytime a new album would come out. In fact, he's the one who first played me "Jack Jones Sings Michel Legrand", which started my whole love affair with Legrand's music. He also could not listen to music without getting very emotional, especially when he listened to Bill Evans., something we both had in common. When we listened for the first time to Shirley Horns Album "Here's To Life" with Johnny Mandel's arrangements, as they say, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

I was Bill's buddy when I was young, we talked music all the time and hung out together, plus he was so supportive of me as a singer. Bill left us way too soon, he passed in 1993 and I really miss him especially now since so much has changed in my life and I feel that I have evolved as a singer/songwriter. I think he'd be proud of me as I have finally found my way.

It was so great to share Holidays together, I think in this picture it was the year I cooked Thanksgiving dinner at my sister and Bill's house. I cooked and cooked and cooked a killer TG dinner!!! We had so much fun and we sure laughed and ate and ate!!!

I'm so grateful for all the good times and all the music we experienced and shared together.

I miss you so much Bill,...have fun singing up in music heaven with Bill Evans playing...I know you two sound heavenly...

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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