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Recording session "Time Is A Healer"

With my EP Release "Time Is A Healer" coming up this January 24th 2018 at the Jazz Showcase, I'm remembering some of the fun and excellent times I had during my recording sessions. It was great to have such wonderful musicians play on the recordings. I thought I would share a photo from one of the sessions. So excited to have the incredibly talented percussionist and dear friend Alejo Poveda playing on this album!. BTW who I've known and worked with since before I was twenty years old! He's always been one of the finest musicians and is such a joy and one of the brightest shining lights of a human being on the planet. We had so much fun making music together on these recording sessions, I look forward to more music with "Alley Joe" when we go back to record and finish the album next year!

Also a very talented assistant recording engineer/musician/arranger Brandon Miller was an important contributor to this EP. He was so amazing by writing and arranging a very special synth intro for one of the tracks on the album, "The Windmills Of Your Mind". It's so powerful and really sets up the whole mind set of the song with its new edgy, soulful arrangement!

The talent from these musicians on this album is enormous and I am thrilled and can't wait to share it with everyone and the world on January 24th!

Here's a fun picture from one of the recording sessions for the EP "Time Is A Healer" with Brandon, Alejo and me.

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