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Pictures and more memories though bitter sweet are still wonderful to share.

Here is the last night at my favorite restaurant/club and my second home Katerina's where I performed regularly for 7 years. The feelings I was experiencing that night didn't seem real to me. I couldn't believe that this iconic and uniquely nostalgic place was going to be no more on June 30th, 2014.

This timeless, extraordinary healing like place gave me so much and led me to find my own home in myself and my music.

That last night in June musicians and music fans gathered there one more time to say goodbye to the lady Katerina, who created this healing haven for us all to bring our musical talents. The evening kicked off with the wonderful jazz/ blues pianist Erwin Helfer and his cool band, which served as the house band throughout the night. then one by one he invited musicians to come up and perform one last time. When I took the stage to sing I unexpectedly started to ad lib and create a song on the spot paying tribute to my friend Katerina. As they say, I was in the zone and it will remain there always and forever. To top it off Erwin even asked my husband, singer/songwriter Lee Montgomery, who sang so many well known national commercials such as Chevy Trucks, Miller Beer, McDonalds and Kingsford Charcoal to name a few, to come up and sing, he sounded so fantastic along with all the musicians playing with him!

Seems we all brought it and made the magic happen one last time..

It was an incredibly emotional night and I still miss Katerina's!


#1 Laury the last night outside of Katerina's before her doors closed.

#2 The wonderful blues pianist Erwin Helfer with Laury on the last night at Katerina's before her doors closed.

#3 The great singer/songwriter Lee Montgomery sitting in singing the last night and the last show at Katerina's.

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