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Time Is A Healer EP Release Party

The Show must go on!!!

Whether sleet, snow, rain, hail or even a bronchial cold!!

Last Wednesday, Jan 24th, was my "Time Is A Healer" EP Release concert at the Jazz Showcase. It was an exciting and important night for me because I was finally able to perform my original songs with a full band in a live setting. I had the best time singing for everyone and throughout the evening I could feel their passionate presence. What a night!

To my band and my singers: pianist/keyboardist Ben Lewis, bassist John Sims, guitarist John Moulder, drummer Vance Okraszewski, percussionist Alejo Poveda, singer Suzanne Palmer, singer Rene Ledesma ..You were all so fantastic and really brought it, thank you so much!!! To my musical director Ben Lewis, thanks for all your incredible hard work!

To my friends: MariaAnna Mat & your film composer friend, Maralyn Owen, James and Ann Marie Ryan, John Mennella, Freddie Breitberg, Doug Schuler, David Gross, John Scott, Julio Chico, Jeff Stitely, Gary Cook, Mark Madsen, Karen Dailey, Nick Calabrese, Sue Nyberg Gross & Tom Gross, Deb DiPasquale, Danny Leake & Fran Allen-Leake, Ralph Usinger, Susanne Miller, Alexandr Nagornov, Ankit and Rangga ..Thank you all, including the new friends I met, for being there and making me feel so blessed.

To my friends who were ill or out of town and couldn't make it, thank you very much for your on going support, you were truly missed.

Much thanks to my wonderful best friends, Deb DiPasquale, for the transportation and over the top help you gave and James DiPasquale for your guidance and care and both your unconditional love!!

Special thanks to my manager Mike Jeffers for all the work that went into making this show and this EP CD happen..and then some!!

To Christine Leeper Jeffers, thanks so much for designing my EP CD "Time Is A Healer" and the cool and lovely photos you took for it and also at the concert!! BTW, more photos to come from the concert.

Thank you so much Meghan Griffith for doing such an outstanding job on the sound!!

Thanks to Wayne Segal and Joe Segal for having me back for my 10th time performing at the legendary Jazz Showcase, also Big Thanks to the awesome staff at the Showcase- Ainsley, Bobo and Tijana for making it so easy and working with us!!

To my Lee Montgomery, none of this would matter without you. You are my love, my life, my world, always.

I am more grateful than my words can say... A night to remember that I will never forget...❤️

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