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Tony Bennett

2012- Ravinia

As I've mentioned on several of my other posts, it was incredible to perform and be part of the two weeks of concerts in Las Vegas with the great Tony Bennett and Michel Legrand while touring as Legrand's vocal soloist.

As the years have gone by, I have had the chance to see Tony perform at the different venues when he comes through Chicago. One of Tony's regular venues is Ravinia where he performs each year in the summer. This is a photo from 2012, when for my husband's birthday, I arranged for us to go to Tony's concert there. I also arranged for us to go back stage after the concert to see him.

From when I first heard Tony sing years ago, to that concert we went to at Ravinia, he's was still thrilling, still dynamic and sounded amazing, what an entertainer!!!

There's only one Tony Bennett and he's still going strong!

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