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Andreanna Moravec

With the release of my new recording "Time Is A Healer" it has allowed me to reflect on what an important journey this project has been for me. I really appreciated working with so many talented musicians throughout the process and I thought I would devote a few of the upcoming blog posts to talking about some of my experiences with them.

One of the most multi talented violinists I have ever worked with, Andreanna Moravec, added so much to the two ballads she played on, "It's Not The Way It Used To Be", and the title song of the album, "Time Is A Healer".

The reason I say multi talented is because Andreanna played all the string parts (Violin, Viola and the Chin Cello) on these tracks and played them all so beautifully! My reaction at the session when I first heard the strings parts was way more than I realized and very emotional.

Andreanna really captured the depth, meaning and heart of each of these songs!

Here is a link to where you can watch a sample video of "Time Is A Healer"

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