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Recording "Time Is A Healer" with John Rice

In reflecting on the journey of creating my new recording, I wanted to talk about John Rice, a majorly talented and very special musician. John plays 8 different instruments in many genres of music and all incredibly well. He was brought to my attention when we were working on instrumentation for the title song for my album "Time Is A Healer".

It was decided, to my surprise, that we would be using a Dobro, along with acoustic guitar on the song. I never thought about using a Dobro, but when it all came together all I could say is WOW! John came to the studio, and when he started playing the acoustic guitar, I was mesmerized. By the time he started playing the Dobro on the solo for "Time Is A Healer", I was blown away!!! He played with such perfection. It was like that on every take he played, which is very rare. Besides being a real sweetheart and a joy to work with, John added that magical something to one of the most important songs on the album and of my life.

John Rice in the Studio

This CD has proven why I love writing and how sharing it with the world, means everything.

To hear a sample of John's beautiful playing and my other original songs visit my music page:

John Rice, Laury Shelley and Lee Montgomery


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