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TBT 2011 - Steve Starr: A Smile That Lite Up a Room

TBT- 2011

Singer/songwriter Laury Shelley talks about first meeting well known Chicago photographer Steve Starr, and him taking a photo of her and husband singer/songwriter Lee Montgomery.

The month was February, and I remember it so clearly because on that night Lee and I were at a club and here comes this incredibly bright face walking right towards us. It was a smile and face that would light up a room. We were then introduced to photographer Steve Starr, and as they say, that was that.. Instinct Like!! Steve was a well known figure and photographer in Chicago. In fact, the photos taken of my first concert performing at the Jazz Showcase, were taken by Steve. Sadly, Steve left us way too soon in 2012. What a loss of talent and wonderfulness for so many of us. Thank you Steve for coming into our lives, sharing your joy, taking all the great photos you took, and making the world shine a lot more brighter.

Here's one of the first photo's Steve took of me and Lee...


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